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1.Hennon - Ear To Mouth  Herzblut 012-6 12”


A1:Ear To Mouth  A2:Heart To Ear

This new project on Stephan Bodzin’s imprint Herzblut
Recorings got already massive plays from Oliver
Huntemann, Dubfire, Popof, Florian Meindl, Super Flu and

2.Daniel Stefanik - Two Zero. Zero Nine  Ohyeah 001-6 12”


A1:Say It Loud A2:Like This

After releases on established labels like Smallville,
Liebe*Detail, Cargo Edition, Freude am Tanzen and more,
Daniel Stefanik, Sven Tasnadi und Stefan Schultz (Juno6)
decided to provide their own basis in their hometown
Leipzig. Oh!Yeah! is supposed to be a platform for own
productions that won’t go with conventional and profitoriented
concepts. Oh!Yeah! wants to be different!
Somewhere between couch and dancefloor, if you like
even a bit gaga. It shall reflect the freaky and humorous
side of the three guys. One at a time, the releases of
Daniel, Sven and Stefan will appear in turns. We save our
breath and cheesy speeches – the music speaks for itself.
Have fun with Oh!Yeah!001

3.V.A. - Sampler EP 8 Saf 034-6 12”


A1:dOP A2:10 AM B2:Dirk Lamprecht B2:Anraud Le Texier…

It’s been a long time that safari didn’t make a various
artists and it’s back in the force with this magnificent
Ep. dOP(circus company) delivers a pure Detroit
dancefloor track, followed by Aldo Cadiz with a clever
deep house and tribal touch on the beat. On the other
side Dirk Lamprecht made a powerful dancefloor
track!!! Pure bomb Arnaud Le Texier & Emmanuel
Ternois close this ep with a deep house track old
school and groovy. Don’t miss it!!!!

4.Jerome Sydenham - Ecoute! Ukp 008-6 12”


A1:Ecoute!  A2:Jor-El

Ecoute!: Jerome Sydenham digs into his deep house roots
and come sup with chunky driving beats. Raw organ stabs
and an infectious vocal hook. The impact of this is totally
uplifting and destined to reverberate throughout the Deep-
House music scene. Jor-El: Falling in line with the cutting
edge UKP series “Jor-El” exemplifies modern minimal
Tech-House. As the groove builds and a few but poignant
elements come into play you will realize you are lost in a
powerful steady groove. This one stays in the box!

5.Heiko Laux – Bitscream Baal 007-6 12”


A1:Aldrin Justice B1:Bitscream B2:Chopstickrmx

big with: Laurent Garnier, Zander VT,
Martin Eyerer, Sasse, Dirt Crew, Dave
DK, Till Von Sein…
Baalsaal welcomes german techno All-Star Heiko Laux.
What is there to say about Heiko Laux, besides asking the
question if some of us would be here without him!? After
being a major influence in the electronic music scene with
his productions and his label Kanzleramt for over 15 years,
and the recent appearance on Joris Voorn’s label
Rejected, Heiko returns on Baalsaal showing again how
diverse he can be. Can’t wait for this one... On side A you’ll
find a deep, jacking track by the name of "Aldrin Justice"
(sometimes it sucks to be second .. haha). Teaming up
with his Kanzleramt project Kith And Kin for this edit, they
throw down dubby chords, a tense vibe and a beat that will
make you move.. playing with a sub bass in frisky breaks,
guarantee to take the floor to the peak when everything
breaks down in the end. On the flip side Heiko puts in the
reverse gear and drops this detroit killer by the name of
“Bitscream“! By not using the obvious chord changes, this
is a pleasure for every listener .





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