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1. Adonis - No Way Back

The track that sums up for me the early Chicago house sound: huge bassline, abundant handclaps and rimshots, complemented by the darkest and sexiest vocals.


2. Steve Pointdexter - Computer Madness

It's difficult to imagine a more simple and more minimalist track, but this 8-bit melody is so obsessive that I once found myself humming it for a whole week non-stop.


3. Fingers Inc. - Bring Down The Walls

Two of Chicago's most legendary figures, producer Larry Heard and vocalist Robert Owens, united under the Fingers Inc. moniker, for a classic jackin' groove from... 1986!

兩位芝加哥最傳奇的人物,包含製作人Larry Heard還有男主唱Robert Owens,組合成為Fingers Inc. 也成為最經典的 jackin' groove from... 1986!

4. Rhythm Controll - My House

This is the first track featuring the famous and often re-sampled "Let There Be House" acapella - and, in my humble opinion, the best version of them all.

這是第一首曲目包含著名的和重新取樣“"Let There Be House"的Acapella,在我看來,這是這他們最好的版本。

5. The Sweat Boyz - Do You Want To Perculate?

Another great Adonis production. Double acid line for double pleasure on this Chicago classic.

Adonis 化名The Sweat Boyz所製作的另一首名曲.雙acid貝斯聲成為雙重樂趣的芝加哥經典之作。

6. Bobby Konders - Nervous Acid

The most simple ideas are often the most powerful: a one-note acid melody, a killer bassline, and drums that almost don't change on the whole course of this 5 minutes track. You say "lazy"? I say "genius"!

最簡單的想法往往是最強大的: 一個音符的Acid旋律 ,搭上瘋狂的bassline,並且整首長度五分鐘的歌鼓聲並無明顯的改變.你說"偷懶"?我認為是"這實在是太天才了"

7. Lil' Louis & The World - Why'd U Fall

The whole release is actually quite amazing, but the real gem is hidden on the B-Side, where Lil' Louis gets totally out of control, playing melodies on a telephone keyboard. Don't try to do that on your IPhone.

芝加哥出身的知名製作人 Lil' Louis 在1989所發行"I Called U"整張唱片都其實是相當驚人,但真正的寶物是隱藏在B面第三首I Called U (Why'd U Fall)這版本,其中Lil' Louis相當的瘋狂,利用一段撥打電話按鍵來編出一段旋律.請不要嘗試用你的 IPhone來這麼做.

8. Traxx - XTC 4 Luv feat. James T. Cotton

Acid and jackin' grooves are still alive more than twenty years after their creation, thanks to producers like Traxx and James T. Cotton, who provide a completely fresh approach on this classic style. This is analogue, absolutely dirty, and purely mind-blowing. From the (already) classic 2009 Traxx LP "Faith".

Acid 和Jackin' grooves這兩種曲風就算當它們被創造出來經過二十多年後,仍然存在著.這要大力感謝像是Traxx還有James T. Cotton這樣的製作人,仍然不斷提供完全新的創新靈感在這種經典風格上。這是類比的聲音,絕對保有老舊粗曠感,那樣直接的讓人感到興奮。" XTC 4 Luv" 選自Traxx 於2009年在自家廠牌Nation所發行的專輯"Faith"內.

9. Legowelt - Slomy Jitt

Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt has a unique and personal take on early House and Techno, using only analogue equipment to record these amazingly intricated tracks, which always manage to sound both kind of lo-fi and sublime at the same time.

來自荷蘭的製作人Danny Wolfers化名Legowelt , 他的作品帶有深受早期House/Techno的影響後,開創出具有個人的獨特性.仍然堅持選擇使用傳統的類比機器設備來製作出這些驚人複雜的編曲.他的特色總是設法將聲音在同一時間內保留在低傳真 的lo-fi與極端感。

10. KZA - Le Troublant Acid

Let's finish this playlist with an oddity: an acid piece based on a 70s obscure French movie soundtrack:. A weird combination that, quite unexpectedly, works perfectly.

好的,讓我們完成這個古怪有趣的播放歌單:這首可愛的Acid小品是基於 70年代法國電影晦澀的配樂: 來自日本的KZA創造一首出乎意料,近乎完美的作品。





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