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有機派對第10回紀念 [Peter Van Hoesen 彼得 凡赫辛] 5月7日侵襲台北。
RA年度最強DJ第66位、比利時天才DJ、歐洲最大廠牌Time To Express主理人。

200張限量早鳥票週三開賣 ! 現在開始接受預約登記!登記請DM Sara Caesar . (0981-107359)

Peter Van Hoesen will hit taipei on the 7th of May, Get ready for this amazing event.

Line-up /
[Special Guest]
Peter Van Hoesen 

A-Tao X Al Burro 
PETER VAN HOESEN [Time To Express]

"Few upcoming producers have as high a strike rate as Peter Van Hoesen. The Belgian artist's Time To Express label might as well come with a "buy on sight" sticker." (Resident Advisor)

Deeply rooted in the Belgian electronic music scene as DJ and producer, Peter Van Hoesen is a man with multiple musical talents: from straight-up dancefloor jackin' techno to advanced abstract electronica. His own productions and remixes for his own Time To Express & for labels such as Clone, Perc Trax & Curle (with Donato Dozzy) have been widely acclaimed, including his new & debut long player ''Entropic City''. Peter is active as a DJ, a producer, a sound designer & even as a composer for contemporary dance and theatre.

Peter's techno sound is best described as bass-heavy, 6 am warehouse music distinctly forward looking yet while strongly connected to a deep knowledge of electronic dance music's rich past. His past performances at Japan's Labyrinth festival are nothing short of legendary.

[Organik] Presented by Smoke Machine

The most evocative digital music pronoun at the time. Greatly influenced by German industrial sounds, Organik leads its crowds into the future by pure, original sounds of music. Choosing pumping stations, warehouses and ruins as its locations in seeking for a sense of freedom.

What is important of Organik is its consciousness on the importance of history, culture, and sensations. The roughness of a space liberates the energy of music, it makes Organik a perfect scene to begin a storyline. The visualization in Organik is full of dynamic and sensitivity, its motive of art is not to convince, but is to correspond and cooperate perfectly with the music.

Organik knows how to transcend and break through, it brings the music and crowd together to explore and create the boundaries of art and





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