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Woolfy ‎– Junior's Throwing Craze Label: Public Release / PR_06 
Woolfy - Junior's Throwing Craze 
San Francisco label Public Release Recordings steps boldly into 2013 with a new single from Woolfy (a.k.a. Simon James). "Junior's Throwin Craze" is a slinky ode to the kind of red-eyed madness symptomatic of round-the-clock hardcore partying. That is to say, it's another late-night anthem rooted in the playful sound of West Coast sleaze.

Woolfy - Junior's Throwin Craze (Woolfy Mix)
Woolfy - Junior's Throwin Craze (Eric Duncan AKA Dr Dunks Bar Club Dub)

Sinkane ‎– Making Time / Warm Spell
Label: DFA ‎/ DFA 2371
Sinkane - Making Time / Warm Spell
Following Daphni's exhilarating treatment of "Runnin," the dusty squawk-box psychedelia of Sinkane is again prepared for dance floor omnipresence with a new pair of remixes from Germany's Tuff City Kids and Barker & Baumecker. Running Back label boss Gerd Janson teams with Philip Lauer as Tuff City Kids to create an anxious burble out of "Making Time," squeezing dry Ahmed Gallab's processed guitar histrionics and letting staccato bass get tangled in a maze of refracted synths. For "Warm Spell," Ostgut Ton pillars Barker & Baumecker turn abrupt twitches into a big-room tool, teasing out soft chords over crusty percussion, with Sinkane's weary vocal chasing after itself until exhausted. Both remixes further reveal Sinkane's emotional range, as comfortable on a sweaty dance floor as a sunny beach.

Sinkane - Warm Spell (Barker & Baumecker Remix)

DJ Fett Burger & DJ Grillo Wiener ‎– Disco Tre / Disco Fire
Label: Sex Tags UFO / UFO 06
DJ Fett Burger & DJ Grillo Wiener - Disco Tre / Disco Fire
Big time stompin' and ultra rattling disco. Sex Tags Ufo with trademark disco cuts by DJ Fett Burger and DJ Grillo Wiener. Trademark disco for the heavy buglin' percussion mixes.

DJ Fett Burger - Disco Tre
DJ Grillo Wiener - Disco Fire

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